Why should you gift Natural flowers and potted plants instead of chocolates and other kind of sweets?

Every gift from a friend or a relative is a wish for your happiness. Similarly, when you give a gift to someone, it makes their day. Your gift, whatever it may be, makes them feel special. It is said that it is not the actual gift, but the thought that counts. And it may be true to some extent. Now, think about the last time you had to spend a few minutes in front of a computer or on your mobile phone to scan through hundreds of gift suggestions that showed up on your google search results. We always put in our thoughts and spend our time to decide the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. Today, we would like to talk about those beautiful gifts that you received and the ones you have given to someone special.

We have been made to believe that chocolates the safest bet. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolates? Everyone does, right? The answer to that simple question is a big NO! Not everyone likes chocolates, candies or some other form of sweets. And definitely, you shouldn’t encourage this concept of gifting chocolates. So, what’s the alternative?

Traditionally, flowers are presented on occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. In India, whenever you meet a Government official or high ranking officers, we always present them fresh flowers. When you’re not quite sure what to send a family member to congratulate him/her on a promotion, send flowers. When you need to bring a hostess gift but aren’t sure of the household tastes, stick with flowers. These are some of the most common perceptions we have. But, it’s time to change those perceptions about fresh flowers and potted plants.

The beauty of nature’s bounty brings comfort and warmth into an environment. Whether the flower recipient is celebrating an important day or celebrating an achievement, flowers boost morale and lift the moods of the parties. Flowers stand out among the many gifts and greetings. They last for days or weeks, reminding the recipient of your thoughtful consideration. Flowers aren’t as effective as acknowledging the emotional side of the event. Flowers are symbols of thoughtfulness, filling an emotional role in the scheme of the event. Sure, they are not permanent, as is not most of the gift that we send to our friends. But we should definitely switch to more eco-friendly gifts.

Fresh flowers and potted plants can be a perfect gift for any occasion even for men. There is another misconception that flowers can be only gifted to women. Flowers are an inexpensive way of bestowing your love and expressing emotions. And hence there is no such reason that flowers are solely reserved for women. When men send a woman flowers, it is to express their love and earnest emotions towards her, to brighten her day and make her smile. It is the thought that makes the difference! So, the next time you wish to surprise your special man or congratulate him, be it your Father, your brother, friend or lover, send him some flowers!

Here’s a cheat sheet with a kind of flowers that can be gifted to men.

  • Men prefer darker shades over pastel colours in bouquets.
  • Orchid’s bouquets white or purple, or Crimson Red Roses are often good flowers for guys.
  • You can also gift Anthurium bouquets a.k.a the Flamingo Flower, or Boy Flowers because of their distinctive shape and colour.
  • Birds of Paradise, also known as Crane flowers owing to their shape of a bird and striking colours, are a good choice for men as they have a strong appearance.
  • Bamboo plants are known to bring good fortune also form a nice present for men.

Finally, we would like to leave you with some important takeaways.

  • Flowers and potted plants are a beautiful, inexpensive and thoughtful gift for both men and women.
  • A bouquet of Colourful fresh flowers can be gifted to your brother/sister or a close friend, relative or your office colleague.
  • Chocolates and other sweets are unhealthy gifts, switch to eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

Flowers are a forever charm and therefore, there isn’t a need for a special occasion to gift flowers, but if you are really looking for a specific occasion then here are some: Anniversary, Birthdays, Achievements, Apologies, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Rakshabandhan or just as a reminder that you miss someone or care about them, send them flowers!