8 unique gift items you can buy on a budget for the New Year

(And they do not harm the environment!) 

Since Christmas has just passed and burned a hole in our pockets, New Year’s Eve is a cherry on top of the cake. With all the festivals lined up, it is socially acceptable to spend a little more in heat of the moment and to regret it the next morning. Talking about heat, let’s not ignore the fact how tough it was to breathe post Diwali because of polluted air from all those crackers. So, just to balance it all, we took a resolution to go Eco-Friendly from 2019, can you? 
Here are some gift ideas that you need to buy for your loved ones (or yourself, because why the hell not?) instead of clichés. And hey, you can be a superhero and make your contribution towards saving the environment as well while being on a budget. 

1) Vegetable plant pot: If you’re getting this for someone who cooks or likes to eat organic, a vegetable plant would be a heaven and help on a lazy day when they’re out of some common veggie. It could be a Vegan’s boon as well. The easiest and most low maintenance vegetable plants to grow in pots are mentioned below: 

  • Tomatoes 
  • Chillies 
  • Lemon 
  • Spinach 
  • Cucumber 

2) Flowers in a pot: Bouquets are extremely common for people to gift, we’d also see a price hike around Valentine’s. So how about you find a flower for your dear one but instead of buying it on 14th Feb, you buy it right now and keep it alive till the event? That way you’d toss the price hike like a boss and your loved one could keep the flowers happy and blooming as a token of appreciation. 

3) Dried flowers or Potpourri: We’ve always wondered how our neighbours’ house smells like garden flowers with a twist of spices. That’s because they use potpourri, a mix of dried flowers and whole spices. An amazing way to keep your home swell right. Natural fragrance of potpourri’s can last from 2 months to upto one year. It depends on the quality of flowers and spices. They places it is used in and how it is use in. When you gift a potpourri to someone and if you are buying it for yourself, avoid placing them in direct sunlight to get the maximum out of their dried flowers. Smells good right?

4) Unprocessed honey: Buy it for people on diet or just people that don’t like their food processed. It is attained directly from the beehive and there’s a very less chance for it to contain added sugars. Processing the precious honey destroys most of the beneficial nutrients it has to offer. Raw honey is rich in antibacterial properties and is a heavy source of antioxidants which slows down the process of skin ageing.

5) Leaf Painting: We all fancy a little décor in our houses, but how about we switch from synthetic paints on a textured paper to organic dyes on a dried-up leaf? A bunch of painted leaves would give your house a really ethnic touch and they’re also very economical and beautiful. Don’t blame us if you feel you’re in an expensive holiday home located in the middle of some Jungle. You can either hang them on your walls for raw aesthetics or you can buy framed ones for a posh gift.

6) Solar light: This one is for a fellow traveller. Although phone torch does a wonderful job, sometimes it’s crucial to have a flashlight with you while travelling. So, if you are a traveller or you know a fellow traveller, then you need a solar light in your bag pack immediately before your next trip to tackle unforeseen circumstances. 

7) Herbal perfume/ essential oils: Everyone loves a good scent. By putting some fragrance on yourself, you’re 100% more appealing to people, given its subtle. There’s a reason why girls are attracted to guys in perfume ads and follow them, that reason is fiction. It never happens in real life but we humans do like nice smelling people. As tricky as it can be to find a perfume to gift and trickier to find one for yourself, you can never really go wrong with a natural scent or essential oil. 

8) Cruelty-free makeup: We all know how brutally makeup is tested on animals. So, if you like to apply make-up, go for the cruelty-free one. Animals are not harmed in the process of making it and you can wear it guilt free. Chances are, it’ll be a little more expensive but at least you won’t have innocent animal’s blood on your face. 

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