Bright and beautiful summer flowers to cheer up your garden

Heavy winters have passed and it’s time to work on our gardens because next up is springtime. We do not want to miss the opportunity to see stunning summer flowers blooming in the spring season.  

There are so many flowers that would add a splash of colour to your garden and would create such a positive vibe and peaceful atmosphere whenever you step out there. We have listed the most easily managed and pleasant looking flowers for your garden that would bloom in the spring season and would carry on till summer.  
You can buy either already flowering potted plants or grow them yourself via seeds and soil.

Daffodils: Generally white or yellow coloured flower, would grow anywhere. This flower is a hassle-free grow and would bloom in any type of soil as long as it’s well-drained. They generally bloom by March and would go on all summer. 4-6 weeks of carefree flowering every spring. You can even experiment with the white coloured flower by putting coloured water in the soil and watch it bloom in different colours.


Carnations:  These attractive flowers are mostly used in the decoration of auspicious events or weddings because they give such a rich look. These are pretty expensive because of the same reason. You can find them in white, light red, dark red, pink, yellow and purple colour. The wide variety in terms of colour is always in splashes on petals, so you never find two carnation flowers looking exactly alike. The best time to plant them would be February.


Sunflowers: Sunflowers are the most famous summer flower, hands down, because of its heavy yellow bloom that always follows the sun. Apart from being in such warm yellow shade, these flowers are edible so you can always pluck them for sunflower seeds or boil its petals for some refreshing sunflower tea. The blooming takes place around 90 days after planting seeds so you may want to embed some seeds in a pot right now. 


Roses: Finally, we’re talking about our favourite flower which is comparatively easier to grow from any of these. You just need to cut a stem from a live plant, place it in wet soil of basically any type and voila! Red roses are the most common and easily seen in Indian households. Roses have a variety of colour range from white to black covering basically every primary colour like blue, red and yellow in between. You really do not miss on such low maintenance fragrant flower that would brighten up any environment instantly. 


Bougainvillaea: Nothing screams “Indian summer” like pink and white flowers of Bougainvillea. It can foster extreme heat of mid-June and would grow anywhere. That is why we see them mostly hanging from the walls gracefully or in bunches at a park. With such low maintenance and hassle-free management, it is an Indian household favourite. The plant requires to be watered twice a day and the flowers would never lose the charm. 


Magnolia: This little flower has the most breathtaking bloom in the month of April. Its plant can grow in a full-fledged tree full of flowers if planted on Earth. Magnolia flowers may be either white, pink or purple and all three looks exquisite when they’re in full efflorescence. Although being such a small delicate flower, they require some fertilizer in the first three months of the plantation. If you’re an intermediate level of a gardener or you can do your research before planting something, these flower plants are the best for you.


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