Largest Exhibition of Green Business in India, Flora Expo 2019: A Grand Success

Showcase of Flowers, Seeds, Bulbs, Planting Materials and Gardening Related Tools

India’s Largest Exhibition on Floriculture, Nursery & Greenhouse Technology — 14th International Flora Expo 2019 was inaugurated by Christian Vos Schluter, Editor, FlorMarket Global from Spain, with over 50 global breeders varieties on display at the exposition. The top companies put up their display directly or through their Indian associates.

The expo served the entire landscape & green industry and trade stakeholders through its matchless offers backed by colossal domestic market support with the focus on high quality export oriented flower production. It showcased new products, techniques and devices that are extremely effective and cost-efficient.

Christian Vos Schluter, Editor, FlorMarket Global from Spain expressed his generous appreciation for the vertical gardening concept, the pot arrangements, the various kinds of flowers and flower arrangements, also the various innovative concepts developed by the floriculture industry. The exhibition showed lot of R&D going on in the floriculture area.

Some of the big names participated at the three-day event are: Holland Flower Market, Albani E Ruggiero, Anthura, Armada, Ball Colegrave, Barberet & Blanc, Bartels, Benary, Briercross, Bromeliaceae, Corn Back Bv, Dalina Genetics, Darwin, Dekker, Drawin Plant, Dummen Orange, ECKE Ranch, EP Bromeliaceae, Fides, Floranova, Florist Holland B.V., Gebr. De, Goldsmith Seed Inc., Graff Breeding, Hibisqs, Hybrida, Jong, Kieft Seed, Konst Alstromaria, Kp Holland, Kultana Orchids, La Villetta, Montiplanta, Moralia, PanAmerican Seed, Perennials, Princettia, Queen, Red Fox, Rijnplant, Rose Forever, Royal Van Zanten, Sakata Seed, Corporation, Santamaria, Selecta, Syngenta Flowers, Taiwan Orchid, Nursery, Takii Seed, Tezier, Van Der Zon, VCI Nederland and many more.

India is emerging as one of the fastest growing markets in the South Asian countries and the demand of flower and plant consumption is increasing by around 20% every year. Indian Floriculture Industry feels if the production area of new varieties is not expanded, India could become one of the importers of the produce.

“Seeing the profitable growth of India, this series has made itself the proven platform for International suppliers to meet and trade with all importers, buyers, retailers, garden centres and florists at one place,” said S. Jafar Naqvi, President, iFlora.

India has emerged as a major hub for International breeders, planting material suppliers and the ultra-modern tissue culture labs for floriculture and horticulture industry and lots of new investments are taking place in greenhouses, hydroponics, Solar Energy Utility technology, Plant technology, biotechnology & Automation and much more. Ricardo Monzón, Area Manager Asia/ Product Specialist Carnation, Dümmen Orange said, “India is an Important Market of Future with ample potential as the consumption market has developed, as seen in the present days. The market is sustainable all-year around.”

The concurrent event, 11th International Horti Expo 2019presented a peerless professional spotlight, revealing each of the sectors relating to farming, greenhouse and automated Farm equipments.


Over 150 exhibitors participated in the Expo. Exhibitors with their wide range of plants and colourful flowers welcomed the visitors. The exhibitors like Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd., KF Bioplants Pvt. Ltd., Soex Flora, Florance Flora, Precision Agritech Pvt. Ltd., Tropica Nursery, ELT India, Harshdeep Agro Products, Sanjay Nursery, Gromor Food Nursery and A-One Biotech flaunted varieties of flowers and plants through captivating displays.

Green Vision Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. offered fertilizers and seeds. Greentech India, AA Politiv Ltd., showcased the latest trends and developments of the floriculture and horticulture sector. Concepts in landscaping and vertical gardening were brought up by ELT India, JKD Hortitech, Ratnashri Landscapers, Baijnath Landscape and lot more.

Media Interviews of participating companies are available on our website

International Conference

The new concept of Green living entailing innovative landscaping and vertical gardening systems shaping up in India promotes cleaner and greener environment around us. Therefore, with that noble objective of promoting landscaping and gardening activities, an International Conference & Networking Meet on Green Living Concepts “Plants, Places & People” was organized on 23rd February 2019.

The Conference included presentations from many prominent dignitaries who attended the conference. Pradeep Barpande, Managing Director, ELT India presented an apt presentation on Future Demands of Indian Landscape & Gardening Industry – Impending Opportunities for Growth. Similarly, Ranjeet Kumar, Head – Landscape & Irrigation, Delhi International Airport, GMR Group presented on Importance of Automatic Irrigation system for a Sustainable Landscaping; Prasannamurti, Vice President – Head Landscape Bangalore International Airport Ltd. gave presentation on Large Scale Townships and Airport – Challenges and Opportunities; Robert Fernandes, Associate Vice President, Horticulture, K Raheja Corp. presented on Automation and Planning of Large Landscape Projects; Vaibhav Raje, CEO, Treecotech Arboriculture Consultancy presented on Arboriculture – Trees & People; Dr. H.P. Sumangala, Sr. Scientist, IIHR gave a beautiful presentation on Unexplored Indian Floral Wealth; and Vinod Haritwal, Director, Haritsons Mintech Pvt. Ltd. presented on Innovation Products for Water and Nutrients conservations in Floriculture.

There were two panel discussions on Emerging Trends in Flower & Plant Industry whose panelists were Ricardo Monzon, Area Manager Asia/ Product Specialist Carnation, Dummen Orange; David Z. Yarkoni, Director, Montiplanta; Dinesh Rawat, Chaiman, Greenmall, Pritam More, Maanaging Director, More Gardens & another panel discussion was on Vertical Gardening – Emerging Technologies and Future demands with panelists Kumarpal Shah, Managing Director, JKD Hortitech; Rohit Jadav, Director, A-One Biotech & Tissue Culture Pvt. Ltd.; Dipin Dedhia, MD, Rising Gardens.

Indian Flower and Plants Industry Excellence Awards

In order to recognize Flower & Plant Industry organizations and leaders who have made everlasting impact on the green industry, a humble effort is being made to honour and to appreciate the growth story of those leaders. Indian Flower & Plant Industry Excellence Awards was conducted on 23rd February 2019.

The winners of the award were –

  • Vijay Shinde, Precision Agritech Pvt. Ltd. – Promoting Dutch Floriculture Varieties through Seedlings in India
  • Praveen Satyarthi, Gromor Food Nursery – Nurseryman of the Year
  • David Z Yarkoni, Montiplanta – Promoting & Supporting Gerbera Farmers in India
  • Ricardo Monzon, Dummen Orange – Promoting & Supporting Carnations Farmers in India
  • Indrajeet Saini, Green Heaven Plantscape – Promotion of Vertical gardens in Delhi
  • Dinesh Rawat, Greenmall Kolkata – Best Collection of Palm Trees
  • Prajakta Kale, – World’s largest display of Bonsai Trees
  • Vinod Haritwal, Haritsons Mintech Pvt. Ltd. – Innovative Products for Water and Nutrients Conservation in Floriculture
  • Ganesh Kulkarni, Greentech India – Automation of Greenhouses and Support Equipment
  • Arun Patel, Sharpex Engineering Works – Largest Manufacturer and Exporters of Eco-friendly Garden and Forestry Tools
  • Kumarpal Shah, JKD Hortitech – Promotion of Green Roofs & Green Walls
  • KF Bioplants – 25 years of Service in Floriculture
  • Suresh Sakla, Sakla Rose Garden – Promotion of Rose Gardening India
  • Chetan Dedhia, J.J. Overseas – Agrochemicals, IoT Based Automation and Post Harvest Products
  • Harish Nanuramji Khemka, Intermolde Furniture Pvt. Ltd. – Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Moulded Plastic Pots & Planters
  • Irrigation Products International Pvt. Ltd. – Supply of Turf Maintenance Equipment for Golf course
  • Pritam More, More Gardens – Launching & Promoting pot Dutch Calla Lily Flowers in India

Networking & Trading Opportunities

14th Int’l FloraExpo 2019 proved to be the ideal meeting point for all the major stakeholders of the industry with a vast footfall of more than 20,000 visitors. The 2019 edition of event series had a major thrust on the emerging concepts of green living such as vertical gardening, floral arrangements and flower pot arrangements apart from innovative products.

The expo had displays of products from US, Holland, Israel, Nepal, Korea, Portugal, China and many other countries. Several varieties of flowers along with pot-plants, nursery plants, plant technology, biotechnology and greenhouse technology were on display. The event catered to the demand of emerging landscape and vertical gardening industry.

The showcase of flowers, seeds, bulbs, planting materials and gardening related tools helped the industry professionals looking for new products, techniques and highly effective and cost-efficient devices for upgrading their business. The concurrent events displayed every segment of agriculture and horticulture facilitating diversification.

The Expo offered a great opportunity for launching unique landscape & gardening ideas, concepts, products, services, accessories and equipments. The organizers were glad with the outcome. FloraExpo certainly left a lasting impression on the exhibitors and visitors and the organizers.  This was a positive signal to the organizers to carry the expo to the next year with greater vigour and zeal. The dates for the next edition have been announced as 10-11-12 January 2020 in Pune, India.

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Flowers with their meaning that you could gift on valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we are secretly wishing up to our boos and baes to get pretty flower bouquets. Sad there’s only a rose day when there are such other pretty flowers in the world that can be gifted to people. And sadly, there are so many people who think flowers are only gifted to their love interest on Valentine’s. 

Find all these flowers, and a thousand more at the 14th International Flora Expo from 22nd – 24th February 2019 at Pune.

Flowers are used to express love and devotion that is not always romantic. Even different colours of roses have different meanings altogether with red being the colour of romance, yellow rose signifies friendship, white rose signifies forgiveness, dark pink roses tend to symbolize appreciation and gratitude and so on. So, let’s have a look at these beautiful flowers and the significance:

Carnation: Fascination. Love. Distinction. A pink carnation means affection, while a red carnation means ‘I love you.’ Striped carnations mean regret that a love is not shared, while white carnations mean pure love, and yellow means rejection or disappointment.

Azalea: With their gorgeous pink blooms and glossy green foliage, azaleas are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day flower bouquets. Depicting femininity and developing passion, it also reminds loved ones to take care of themselves when they are given this fragrant flower as a gift.

Gladioli: Along with Lilies, the Gladiolus is the most traditional and commonly-used flower at funerals. They represent strength and character, as well as integrity. Including them in your arrangement is saying a lot about your feelings toward the person who passed away.

Camellia flower: The delicate camellia flower lends its feature to its symbolism: passion, perfection, desire, and polish. The also symbolize the longing to be with the beloved. Giving camellia flowers to your beloved is a good call.

Daisy: Daisies have a long history and are found in a wide range of colours. It is actually an herb and symbolizes innocence, stability, sympathy and cheerfulness. Suitors would wear a Daisy during the days of knighthood, and the women would include a Daisy as part of their mementos to signify availability.

Sweet Pea: Sweet Peas signify blissful pleasure, but are also used to say good-bye. They are a native flower plant of the eastern Mediterranean region from Sicily to Crete. Like the daisy, they are seen in a variety of colours. Gardeners often enjoy them for their lovely fragrance and large blooming range (March to November.)

Forget-Me-Not: Since they symbolize true love and continued remembrance, forget-me-nots are typically used in arrangements from the spouse of the deceased person.

Now that we have so many feelings and options, we can always express our feelings to a person with the help of flowers. Also, if you don’t receive any flowers for Valentine’s don’t forget to buy one for yourself.

Find all these flowers, and a thousand more at the 14th International Flora Expo from 22nd – 24th February 2019 at Pune.

Doctors say floral plants in your surroundings can eliminate seasonal depression

Plants reduce stress, we all know that. But what about the winter season when the weather is gloomy and we all are facing some seasonal depression? When it’s cold outside and we all are snuggled up in our blankets by the heaters and fire? While it could be a boon for the homebodies because it’s socially acceptable for people to stay in during the winters as everyone else is in too, others might be struggling and cursing the weather so they could just go outside.

Since winter is a season where everyone is inside their homes, why not we make our time inside, a good and enjoyable one? You do not have to sit and sulk hiding inside a blanket. Open up some windows to let the sun in and put some potted plants inside your home and garden. Put them in a place where you can see them all the time, while sitting at your study chair or when you walk outside. Place them by your windows and near to the bed for an easily refreshed mood. 

When you spend a ton of time inside, because of long working hours or climate conditions, poor air quality will undoubtedly influence your wellbeing. Truth be told, indoor toxins can detrimentally affect our wellbeing. Such toxins can cause sensitivities, asthma, aggravation, tension, stretch and even specific kinds of malignant growth. To eliminate these toxins from the environment, it is always better to have air-purifying plants in our homes or offices, for example, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily, Sake Plant, Jade Plant etc. 

The winter season is associated with greys, blacks and dull colours. We do not get to see a lot of shimmery bright colours shining in the sunlight. Or sunlight, for that matter. It is a rare occasion which lets us climb out of our cocoons. To even that out, it’s advisable to have some bright flowery plants to cheer up the mood of yourself and the whole aura of the place as well. There are some amazing indoor flowers plants that you can check out in our previous blog post.

Also, if you like the company of winter flowers we suggest you get your hands on summer flowers as well. Plants do a really good job battling the depression in winters and they also would do a really good job shining in the sun with all their bright colours. The summer flowers include Daffodils, Carnations, Sunflowers, Roses and so on. You can read about more in our previous blog – Bright and beautiful summer flowers to cheer up your garden

Find all these plants, and a thousand more at the 14th International Flora Expo from 22nd – 24th February 2019 at Pune.